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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gift Tags - Upcycled Materials

One of the things I love most about crafting is that one never runs out of materials that can be upcycled.    There is always something that can be salvaged from packaging, gift wrapping, floral arrangements, etc.
My hubby bought a few new shirts and they were folded around some very nice brown card.  My daughter was given a lovely arrangement of miniature sunflowers in a pretty cardboard box.   The ribbon handles were salvaged for the bow on the Christmas wreath I made for my mom.   I also salvaged the raffia tied around the box, and decided to use the cardboard and raffia to make some gift tags.    I punched some flowers in two different sizes, cut out two sizes of tags (one large and one much smaller) as well as as hearts and scalloped squares.   There were some punched buttons left over from a bulk make of Christmas cards.

Gift Tags
I layered all of these materials up and this is the result!

Gift Tags
gift tags

You could use the tag as is, or use it as a topper for a card.

Cut a 10cm x 20cm rectangle from the shirt packaging, fold this in half to make a 10cm x 10cm card blank.   Add another layer and some extra leaves and finish with a handwritten sentiment:

Recycled Packaging Cards

Cut a 14cm x 20cm rectangle from the shirt packaging.   Fold in half to form a 10cm x 14cm card blank.    Cut a 14cm x 12cm piece of gift wrap or any patterned paper.    Cover the card blank, overlapping 2cm over the fold.  Add a few more blooms and a handwritten sentiment.

Gift Tags

Happy upcycling!!

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  1. I love these :-)
    So special and perfect for using up scraps :-)