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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Paper Bauble Christmas Decorations

These paper baubles Christmas Decorations are extremely easy to make and a fun holiday project to get the kids involved with!

Paper Baubles

All you need is some colourful paper, paper rafia, three beads and whatever you have to decorate the paper baubles with.

Cut eight circles of the same size.  Fold each circle in half with the pattern or colour to the inside.  Glue one half of each circle to one half of another circle (making sure that the fold is nicely lined up) - this will form a spine.    Cut a piece of paper rafia about 30cm long, fold in half  and  hold against the spine so that 1/3  protrudes on either end.   Then glue the back half of the last circle to the front half of the first circle.

Paper Baubles

Push the top loop through a biggish bead.   Push the bottom ends through another biggish bead and then a smaller one - now tie together to pull the beads tight.    Cut 4 x 20cm pieces of raffia.   Tie these pieces down on top of the bottom bead.  Fold down and tie together with another piece of raffia about 1cm from the bead.   Knot and cut off.   Now decorate each of the panels as you like.

I have strung my paper baubles onto strands of plaited raffia, garden twine and kitchen string interspersed with beads.   I plan to use these  to decorate our lapa (outside thatch area) for the holiday season - I have bought a few strings of fairy lights which I am going to twist around some of the strands for a bit of Seasonal Sparkle!

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