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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paper Flower Christmas Wreath

I fully intended to make gift tags yesterday afternoon - but it was so hot and I still felt very flu-ey, so I plopped myself down in the lapa with a stack of magazines and a tall icy lemonade.

One of the magazines had some lovely ideas for using up paper scraps.    In one of the designs they use tiny punched flowers and leaves to make a Paper Flower Christmas Wreath on a card - very pretty.    I am down to my final heap of scraps - but I figured I would have to make about forty cards if I used such a small design, and I wanted a quick "final" make.

I decided to "upsize" the idea!

I drew  around the lid of a big cake tin onto a piece of sturdy cardboard (a cereal box will work quite nicely), and then around the lid of a smaller cake tin placed centrally inside the big circle to for the base of the Christmas Wreath.   Cut out the ring and punch a single hole fairly close to the outside circle - make a loop using twisted paper ribbon.

I made as many flowers as I could using the same technique as for the Poinsettia decoration HERE.   I also made as many shapes and sizes of leaves as I could with whatever bits of green paper and board I had left.   I then started by glueing the flowers to the board as closely as possible without squashing them too much.   I then started filling the spaces with leaves and small bows made from paper ribbon.    I then added a bit of bling in the form of some shiny red beads and some pearl beads.   I added big paper ribbon as the final touch to my Paper Flower Christmas Wreath.

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