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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Granny Squares, Christmas Stocking (and other happy tales!!)

Joy! Joy! Joy!

A couple of reasons for my overwhelming sense of happiness today:

Finished the Queen Sized Log Cabin Granny Square Afghan commissioned by a client!!!     Delivered and client DELIGHTED = me HAPPY!!

Log Cabin Afghan

Finished the Granny Square Afghan for my shop (inspired by the Spanish Lavender in my garden)

Granny Squares Afghan

Little pops of colour showing up here and there in the Garden!



and pinks!


Barberton Daisies (Gerbera's) one of my favourite flowers - I have them planted all over the garden in a multitude of colours.  The "landscape" variety make for fantastic cut flowers!!


my latest crafty make - A Christmas Stocking!!

Christmas Stocking

This is just the prototype made yesterday morning while contemplating whether I should or shouldn't make the effort to do the grocery shopping - a task which I look forward to about as much as I would look forward to major surgery!   Anyway - common sense eventually won out and I did the shopping!    Phew!   over and done with for at least 10 days!

Thanks to this little stocking, however,  I left home at least three hours later than I had originally intended.     I say thanks because had I left at my usual grocery shopping time I would have been caught in the middle of a gunfight (12 armed robbers with AK47's) - really nasty!   Reminded once again to be thankful and happy in every little moment!

My Prototype has a few minor defects which I need to address - and then I shall attempt to share the pattern with you!!!