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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Jumbo Owl Cushion

I have been finishing up the very last little bits of yarn from my mom's stash by making preemie blankets to donate.    

Having used up all the "nice" yarn, a heap of scrap yarn in a really yucky selection of colours was left over.     A good deal of this yarn is what was known waaaaaay back as "HUNKY" - a 24ply yarn!!   (In today's terms it is known as JUMBO yarn). 

granny blanket

I added extra strands to the thinner yarn to make everything 24ply.    My original idea was to make a blanket with a mix of stripes and squares - I thought I would work an owl square surrounded by a few granny squares, but it turned out HUGE!!

crochet owl cushion

I had already worked a fair amount of the stripes and was not in the mood to frog them!    I was undecided whether to proceed with the blanket or to just make two owl cushions.    Most people liked the cushion idea.  

This was such a "silly" project that turned out to be such FUN!      I added some "eyelash" yarn for the "feathers", and two over the top ruffle flowers and leaves to fill in the open space at the bottom of the cushion.

owl granny squares

For the back of the cushion I overlapped two rectangular stripe pieces and then did a buttonhole row to fasten the cushion.

crochet stripe cushion

The back and front are joined by a round of single crochet and then finished off with a block stitch edging.

block stitch edging

Only one of the cushions is complete, the other is about halfway.      For the second a different colour selection will have to be used.

I am actually thinking of hosting a little CAL, breaking it up into manageable portions over a period of weeks (say over the 5 Fridays in October??).      Is it too late in the year???    How many people would join in??

Please leave me a comment so that I can decide whether to proceed now - or leave it until the new year!


  1. You are so amazingly creative and inspiring!! Not to mention organized...
    My condolences to you on the loss of your mother.

  2. SO cute! I'd love it if you did a CAL with this! I'd love to try to follow along. Thank You!

  3. Oh dear.....the crochet-bug bit when I saw your Baby Groovyghan.....I am only on row 2....
    Now you have this lovely owl-pillow tugging at my heart-strings..................
    Being a quilter, I have a whole spare-room filled with fabric, and I promised myself I wont let it happen with wool too......
    oh this is so wrong.....but.........count me in whenever you start... :)
    Thank you for sharing your talent!

  4. Loving owls.....and the pillow....count me in

  5. I would definitely join your crochet along for this owl cushion. I love owls and I love pretty cushions...

  6. Please continue it. It's so beautiful I would love to try it also, and the idea of using it for a CAL is good, extra, extra GOOD.

  7. Please yes I love your work ,something just for me ♡♡!!

  8. I love your work,so yes please ♡♡

  9. Me Me Me, i have been wanting to do a cushion.

  10. Wow! That looks beautiful.
    Greets Ria

  11. They are awesome - my grandchildren would love them - I would like to do some as Christmas gifts - would love a CAL

  12. A great way to use up the yarn.

  13. I would love this!!

  14. Yes, this is owlsome!!!

  15. I would love to make this sweet little owl pillow! Count me in.