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Friday, 2 October 2015

Zooty Owl Cushion CAL (1)

This CAL ended November 2015.   The pattern is now available in my RAVELRY STORE
Hello and welcome to Part 1 of the ZOOTY OWL CUSHION CAL!

I have chosen the following colours to make a pair of matching cushions:

The Introduction to this CAL can be found HERE

This week we will be starting with the Cushion Front - crocheting the Body of the Owl (which is a big circle) and then squaring that.



The pattern is suitable for either DK (8ply / light worsted) weight yarns and a 4.50mm hook OR 
Worsted Weight (10ply / Aran) and a 5.50mm hook.

Next Friday, 9 October 2014 we will be crocheting the Cushion Back.   

Please feel free to share your photos on my ZOOTY OWL FACEBOOK PAGE  

Photos shared during the week will be included in the Gallery for the next week's post!

I hope you have loads of fun making this cushion and look forward to getting together with you again next week!!!


  1. I am confused by rounds 5-8. If you do an increase after 6 stitches would that not mean there are more stitches in the next row? After round 5 I have 7 stitches in between the 2 DC, 8 in the next row?? Am I suppose to skip a stitch to keep it 6 between???


    1. You continue to increase on each round (5, 6, 7 and 8) along the "increase line". There are 12 of these increase lines in the round - so that means that every row you do increases by 1 stitch between each "increase line", with a total of 12 stitches per round - total count will be row 5 = 60; row 6 = 72; row 7 = 84; row 8 = 96. Hope that makes sense???

    2. Thanks that makes perfect sense. I must have been trying to make it harder than it was!! Back to crocheting! I love this pattern!!!