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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Pinwheel Flower



YARN:  Raeesah Cotton Soft DK

HOOK:  4.00mm


Foundation:   3ch, sl st into start chain to form a ring OR make a magic ring

Row 1:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 11dc into ring (12 dc), sl st into top of start 3ch to close.

Petals:    Join yarn with a sl st in any dc;  {10ch, sl st into 5th ch from hook (picot formed);  (1trc, 1dc, 1hdc into same dc);
(5ch, sl st into 1st ch (picot formed)] skip next dc;  sl st into next dc;  [10ch, sl st into 5th ch from hook (picot formed];  [1trc, 1dc, 1hdc into same dc]} x5
(5ch, sl st into 1st ch (picot formed); sl st into yarn join.   Break off yarn

Flower Centre:   Join yarn with a sl st around any dc post in Row 1;  [5ch, sl st into 1st ch (picot formed);   skip 1 dc, sl st around next dc post in Row 1] x5 (working your last sl st into the same space as your yarn join.      Break off yarn.


  1. Found this when I couldn't sleep.reading your blog made me smile and crocheting a Pinwheel flower at 2 am is just what I needed to distract me from the horrible pain I am living with.my flower is bright yellow because it's a smiley colour,like daffodils and Spring time,and it's also my 4 yr old little grandsons favourite colour and he will b so excited by it later today. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all hold on to that world of childhood when even a yellow button,a yellow piece of ribbon or a pretty yellow pinwheel flower can make the day perfect?his smile will b enough to make my day perfect.
    Thank you for this lovely pattern Zelma.xx