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Friday, 29 April 2016

Down by the Seaside

My blog has been terribly neglected this year........ but I am back!!!

2016 has been one hectic whirl of activity so far:

My "baby" girl got engaged,  my elder daughter got married to her sweetheart AND we sold our home in Johannesburg and relocated to the Hibiscus Coast!

The perfect place to engage in a bit of "hooky"and be inspired by colourful beach umbrellas

to create the Beach Umbrella Mandala!


The pattern for the Beach Umbrella Mandala can be found HERE


  1. Aww you and your husband look so cute together on the beach. Wow so much has happened and they all sound nice and happy. Glad you will be back to share your wonderful crochet creations. :)
    Julie xo

  2. I've missed you, glad you're back !

  3. I'm glad that you'll be back! Thank you for the beautiful Mandalas.

  4. Merci pour ce très joli mandala!

  5. Your color combinations are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I broke my little finger on my left hand and haven't been able to crochet. Your mandala is my "get back to it" project starting today. Thanks so much for providing a pattern that I really want to do and the gumption to work through the "owie's."

    Marion, Indiana USA