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Friday, 3 June 2016

Seaside Winter Blanket CAL: Introduction

Hello and welcome to the 4th Zooty Owl Blanket Crochet along - the Seaside Winter Blanket CAL!!!

overlay crochet

The previous Blanket CAL's (BABY GROOVYGHAN;  HAPPY DAYS BLANKET; WADE'S BLANKET) have been so much fun, and I have had so many requests for another!

For the Seaside Winter Blanket CAL I will provide 10 brand new 15cm x 15cm square patterns and 2 brand new 34cm x 34cm square patterns.    The 15cm x 15cm squares' final measurement is 19cm x 19cm (once bordered and joined);   the 34cm x 34cm squares' final measurementis 38cm x 38cm (once bordered and joined).  The squares require more concentration than skill and they are thus easy enough for a novice crocheter.

overlay crochet

There are 2 layouts to choose from:    A baby blanket (12 x 19cm x 19cm squares;  2 x 38cm x 38cm squares);

 and a 150cm x 150cm lapghan (20 x 19cm x 19cm squares;   4 x 38cm x 38cm squares)

crochet lapghan

You can choose as many colours and neutrals as you like - I have used a minimum of 6 colours (alternating dark / light or pastel / bright) and 2 neutrals.   BE INSPIRED BY COLOUR  if you need help choosing your colour palette.

A new square pattern will be posted every Friday for the next 12 weeks, starting 10 June 2016.  The border and edging will be posted in two parts at end of the 12 weeks.

I will be posting  "bonus patterns" periodically during the 12 week period.      There are three 15cm x 15cm bonus squares - this gives you more options in terms of your final layout!.     I will also be posting 2 mandala patterns (derived from the two 34cm x 34cm squares) and 1 coaster pattern - this is especially for readers who follow my blog but are not able to join in with this CAL.

crochet mandala

YARN:  Quantities are calculated for DK (8ply / light worsted weight) 100% acrylic, using a 4.00mm hook.     I love our locally produced Elle yarns - and have used either Elle Pullskein and/or Elle Family for all the blankets I have made for this CAL.  Lion Brand and Red Heart have some beautiful light worsted weight yarns for our friends in the US;   Stylecraft Special is always a "go-to" yarn for our friends in the UK.    (Worsted weight, Aran, Afghan, 10 ply yarn would also work very well, using a 5.00mm hook - you would need slightly more yarn, and of course your blankets will be a fair bit larger than the sizes given for DK)

granny squares

Baby blanket:  2500 metres (2730 yards) - approximately 10 x 100g balls
Lapghan:  3750 metres (4101 yards) - approximately 15 x 100g balls

HOOK: 4.00mm

PATTERN TERMS:   US (I will include a conversion chart with each pattern to make it easier for those using UK terms)

GUAGE:   I will provide guage swatch information with the first pattern.  Gauge is not all that important for this pattern unless you have an expectation in terms of the end measurement.    It is however, very important to maintain even tension throughout the project in order to obtain a neat finish! 

crochet blanket

I hope that many of you will join in the fun and share your progress on my Zooty Owl Facebook page.

Until next week then......... happy yarnhunting!


Find the first square pattern HERE


  1. I would love to use exactly your colours. And since we both SA I can easily source your brands. Please post colour names.

    1. Working on an update post - will include colours and more photos of the blanket. I should be able to post this later today or early tomorrow. So glad you are joining in!

  2. So glad you included Aran and WW yarn. Thank you

  3. How do I sign up? This all looks so lovely.

    1. Hi Rita. Look on the right side of the page as you scroll from the top. There are three options - a follow by email, a google followers option (join this site) and a subscribe to zooty owl option (bloglovin) - I will also post regular updates on my Zooty Owl Facebook page - so head over there and like my page if you have not already done so. Would love to have you join in

  4. I am going to give it a try!

  5. Love already your sneek peak

  6. Now I know what I have to do this winter!

  7. *LOL* I just realized that I have the very same frog you pictured in the first photo, the one on the right. He sits by my little pond.

  8. Hello, is there away to save the patterns to iBooks on iPads like the patterns from Helen Shrimpton on Crystals and Crochet? Thank you

  9. Hi, Love all your Seaside patterns, even bonus ones. Is there anywhere on this blog to find ALL Seaside patterns without having to go to facebook page to get them? sometimes I have problems with my tablet on facebook, so would like to just find them here. I seen a few on side, but not all of them. Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi. Go to "Labels" in the sidebar. Click on "CAL". This will bring up all the related posts. When you are done with a particular post, click on "Older Post" at the right hand bottom corner and that will take you to the previous post. I have also included the links in the posts for Squares 1 trough 10. So you can go to another post from any one of those posts. Hope this helps.