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Tuesday, 27 June 2017





YARN:  Elle Charity Chunky (12 ply).   Stylecraft Special Chunky is an excellent quality / great value alternative yarn.

HOOK SIZE:  5.50mm (I/9 US or 5 CANADIAN)

SQUARE SIZE:    The Layout Measurement of 10cm x 10cm (4 inches x 4 inches) for this square is based on the above yarn and hook size.  This measurement is also based on the Designer’s tension.   You may need to adjust your hook size up if you hook tightly or down if you hook loosely

NOTE:  The size of your square will depend on your choice of yarn thickness and hook size.   Should you choose to work exactly according to the RAINBOWS AFTER THE RAIN BLANKET layout, simply repeat the final round of the pattern until the square measures 10cm x 10cm (4 inches x 4 inches).  Gauge is not too important with this project. Yarn thicknesses vary somewhat from brand to brand as do the tensions of individual crocheters.  The most important thing is that your tension remains even throughout the project.
COLOURWAY:   Each crocheter may choose his / her own colour layout - colour changes / breaks are suggestions only.

SQUARES are worked in the round with Right Side Facing throughout.

IMPORTANT:  Read through pattern before starting to crochet.  
Special Stitch:  A 2dc cluster is formed as follows - yarn over hook, work the first part of the stitch leaving 2 loops on your hook, repeat this once  more (3 loops on hook) Yarn over hook and draw through the loops on the hook to form your cluster

Foundation:  Make a MAGIC RING or crochet 3ch, sl st into 3rd chain from hook to form a ring

Round 1:  3ch (counts as 1dc), 11 dc into ring, sl st into 3rd of beginning ch to close.   Break off yarn.
Stitch count:  12dc

Round 2:  Join yarn in any dc.  2ch, 1dc into same dc as join (counts as 2dc cluster), 2ch;  *2dc cluster into next dc, 2ch* repeat *to* 10 x more.   Sl st into top of beginning cluster to close.  
Stitch count:  (12 x 2dc clusters) (12 x 2ch sps)

Round 3:  Join yarn in any 2ch sp.  2ch (counts as 1hdc), 2hdc into same 2ch sp as join, 1ch;  *3hdc into next 2ch sp, 1ch* repeat *to* 10 times more.  Sl st into 2nd of beginning ch to close.  
Stitch count:  (12 x 3hdc) (12 x 1ch sps)

Round 4:  Join yarn in any 1ch sp.  3ch (counts as 1dc), 2dc into same 1ch sp as join;  3dc into next 1ch sp;  (3tr, 3ch, 3tr) into next 1ch sp;  *3dc into next 2x 1ch sps;  (3tr, 3ch, 3tr) into next 1ch sp* repeat *to* twice more;  sl st into 3rd of beginning ch to close. 
Stitch count:  (3tr, 3ch, 3tr) into each corner;   (2 x 3dc) on each side

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