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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Yarn Indaba 2014 - Voortrekker Monument Yarn Bomb

I first blogged about the Yarn Indaba 2014 way back in September 2013 in THIS POST

The day of the great Yarn Bomb (1 August 2014) finally arrived and hubby and I set off to Pretoria.    The last time we visited the Voortrekker Monument was about 28 years ago (before we married!).

After the Garmin got us lost a few times, insisting we turn where there were no turns, or make a u-turn in the face of oncoming traffic, and attempting to send us up a dirt road we eventually arrived at the Monument. 

OH MY!!    OH MY!    So much yarny awesomeness!!!

Yarn Indaba

I have never ever seen so many granny blocks!

We had to behave like tourists and get a "selfie" at the foot of the stairs with the most spectacular display of colour in the background!

yarn indaba

In order for the world record attempt to succeed a total number of 19050 blocks of 20cm x 20cm and 3350 blocks of 15cm x 15cm were needed.

By 14 July 2014 a total number of 27 803 squares had been collected (according to the Yarn Indaba Facebook Page).

yarn indaba

A total of 657 blankets were made which will be gifted to various charities when the Yarn Bomb is dis-assembled this afternoon.

yarn indaba

So many beautiful, colourful blankets, worked together so neatly.

What an amazing privilege to have been able to witness this!!!!

I am one happy lady!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


YARNDALE is a wonderful wooly festival held in the gorgeous market town of SKIPTON in North Yorkshire, England!

I was completely in awe of the fantastic 2013 YARNDALE BUNTING - some 6212 crochet granny triangles from all over the world strung up in a fantastic display of colour!    A wonderful feat organised and co-ordinated by Lucy of Attic 24.

WOW!    I thought to myself - how amazing it would be to be able to participate in something so COOL!!

AMAZINGLY this year I actually do get to play a teeny tiny part in Lucy's vision for Yarndale 2014.

Lucy asked me to design a fairly small mandala (no bigger than 20cm / 8 inches) which blog readers could make and send in for this year's YARNDALE YARNBOMB

I made three designs - thinking Lucy would select one of them!    She loved all three!    How chuffed am I???

The details of the yarnbomb are all in Lucy's latest Blog post - make one, or two, or three and send them off to Attic 24 - and be a part of this exciting project!!!

Don't forget to make a few for yourself too!!


 crochet mandala


crochet mandala


crochet mandala

Friday, 27 September 2013

Yarn Indaba 2014 - Yarnbombing Fun

Yarn Indaba 2014 - Yarn Bomb World Record Attempt!

I am jumping in a little late with this post - by now Yarn Indaba is not new(s) - all and sundry have already picked up their crochet hooks and knitting needles and are frantically making blocks for the World Record attempt at the largest yarn bomb.

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yarn bombing, yarnbombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, urban knitting or graffiti knitting is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.

yarn storming

The attempt at the World Record will be made on 1 August 2014 by covering the steps of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, South Africa with crocheted / knitted blocks:

19050 blocks of 20cm x 20cm
3350 blocks of 15cm x 15cm 

Contributors efforts will be put to good use after the yarn bomb, as the blocks will be donated to charities for the making of blankets (lots and lots of lovely warm, wooly, comforting blankets!!)

I decided to "merge' the two scrap buster projects I had going to see how many squares I could make for Yarn Indaba!

Count so far:

24 - 20cm x 20cm blocks
2  - 15cm x 15cm blocks

An extremely colourful and mismatched collection of blocks - I could not resist the temptation to use  them for a little yarn bomb of my own:

yarn storm

I LOVE how colourful the tree looked!     I can just imagine how fantastic it must be to create a BIG yarn bomb!!

It took me about an hour to work them together roughly and then "stitch" them on to the tree (which is a lovely thirteen year old ficus - a housewarming gift from a very dear friend)     I had to take the photos in a big hurry so that I could disassemble it again - storm clouds blowing over and I was convinced we were going to get some much needed rain (my mistake - still no rain!)

The squares are once again neatly stacked and ready to play their part in the biggest Yarn Bomb ever!!!

Frantically finishing up some  more WIP's so that I can make more squares for Yarn Indaba!